12 Creative Images Caught With Perfect Timing


12 Creative images which appreciate perfect timing of the photographer

For a photographer time is of essence. A photographer can have the concept, but it all depends on the timing he chooses, that will do justice to his creativity. A certain photograph can be truly astonishing solely because of the magic moment the photographer had chosen to capture it. Following are a number of images, for which the presence of mind and the perfect timing of the photographer should be appreciated.

Bless the photographer’s eyes and bless the moment that one must have clicked the camera. For otherwise it could have been the deepest regret he would bear in his heart. Check out the following images which are nicely captured and are perfectly timed.

The trick of the hose

Oh, this poor man deserves better. The water bursting out of the hose could have hit him at any part of his body and not, probably, his face. The water is also, probably, the reason for him being thrown off the edge into the water. Nonetheless, kudos to the photographer for having taken this photo at the perfect time that circumstances had offered to him.

Dear priest, look away

What even the soul couldn’t do, the wind did it. The priest had his moment of amusement, as the wind blew the skirt of the lady like Marilyn Monroe’s iconic scene from ‘Some like it hot’.  But what made the priest’s head turn? It was not him, it was all the wind’s doing.

Mind the butt

Sniffing can be a dog’s trait and habit, but sniffing graffiti’s butt is probably not the kind of thing any dog is well aware of. Or this dog, was just exploring! It was probably going by its hunch and found it intriguing that another dog was being arrogant enough to turn its back on it. And thus, what followed was a hilarious moment.

Even a President can’t stop

Here is to hoping that Michelle had no clue about this, but the president too found a butt interesting. He is probably the coolest president the U.S had ever witnessed, and this is not him lecherously looking at a woman. This is him being goofy. Men will continue to have their ways with falling for women and their antics, and why shouldn’t the president be excused?

Cat love

These cats are the epitome of what symbolizes true love. No one will ever know if these were a coincidence or an intentional way of clicking an image, but then again these are cats and those are their tails. The answer is quite evident. Anyway, the photographer was probably on the lookout to capture something extraordinary and this was his chance magic moment! The tails make up for more than the love that must be all around the world.

Handsome bartender with prettier legs

Ever had a moment, where you had to take a deep breath and reflect upon what life had thrown at you? Well, this bartender is probably having one such moment, looking at this particular image. Although, no one can question his good looks, but what lies beneath is a curious case of weird legs. The woman’s leg does not match with the bartender’s outfit, so he must ponder a little more, while dressing himself up, in the morning. Jokes apart, this is actually what the mirror is doing to his reputation. The man is behind the bar and the woman, to whom he is serving the drink to; her legs are being reflected in the mirror. The photographer was having the last laugh!

Is it a cat or a bird?

A ginger takes flight and will soon hit its target, demolishing its target’s every single little shred of being. The ginger is the tabby cat, as seen in the image. It is almost determined to hit something the way it is looking towards the target or whatever it is gravitating towards. But what is extremely astonishing is how it is floating in thin air. The timing might be brilliant, but this cat has some skills, commendable ones.

Storks are back in business

Who said that the storks do not deliver babies? Who said anything differently, than the fact that storks manufacture babies and have taken up the job of a delivery boy? Well, this image proves how wrong every individual has been, for so long. The baby is falling into the hands of its rightful owner as the stork makes its delivery. Jokes apart, this is another one of those perfectly timed pictures, when the bird is flying by and the baby is being thrown up in air.

Every Drop counts!

This dog has taken it upon itself to lick the water off from the air. If you are thirsty, you must have a determination as stern as this dog. He is not only hanging from the little basin, but he is also trying to lick off the water flying out of the tap. But the droplets  know they must fall onto his tongue and go down his throat!

A horse is all I want to be

What sorcery is this right? What is this creature? What is wrong with the body? And where on earth is the head? This perfectly timed photograph is everything that is creepy and bizzare at the same time. The body has a horse’s head and the horse’s head is in a human’s body. What had happened in between? Well, the thing is, there is a human being, fully clothed, in its flesh and even has a head. And there is a horse, with a horses’ body, just he is turning his head at an angle, hiding away the human face and making it appear as though it is protruding out of the human body.

What’s on that water?

Crazy as it is, the photographer’s timing is insane. It appears that this man is trying to break-dance his way through the water around him. Almost surreal, this image is something that is impossible to the naked eyes and any person’s imagination. But, the thing is, the man is actually being pushed into the water, while the photographer timed this image and had the perfect shot.

The third eye?

This image is all mystical and intriguing. So the man was possibly midway through taking a selfie when the bird had barged in on the image. He got the perfect opportunity to have an image which will not only be mind blowing but is also extremely witty. Who wants a normal image of themselves, when they can replace a part of their face with that of their birds? This man paved the way for a revolutionary style of selfies.