4 Food Hybrids You Will Want to Try Right Now

Food Hybrids are a huge craze. The world doesn’t seem to get tired by trying  different food combinations to create something amazing.
Here are some of the food hybrids that really made us drool:

1.  Chocolate Cheese

Move over mozzarella and cheddar, because chocolate cheese is here. This is an Italian blue cheese that is ripened in chocolate liquer and rubbed in cocoa, decorated with chocolate chips. Now that definitely sounds YUM!!

2. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake 

Cheesecakes are already delicious, but what if we told you that the delicious Indian dessert Gulab Jamun was added to this to make it all the more delicious. Well yes it does exist.


3. Sushi Doughnut

The Sushi Doughnut that made its debut this year, definitely took Instagram by storm. Forget sushi burritos or burgers, this Sushi doughnut was the most innovative hybrid.

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4. Nutella Naan

Nutella makes everything better! And, even better with the Indian flat bread naan.

Nutella Naan Panini