7 Dogs Who Think They Are Human

Pet owners might have observed that after their pets spend a lot of time with them, they tend to pick up some skills from their owners or at least try to imitate them a little.

Here is a compilation of dogs who thought they were human or at least  pretended to be human by carrying it off these tasks really well.

1.  This chihuahuas catching up on local news:

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2. This puppy working out at the gym 

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3. Morning Stretches

4. “Make the fire, fix- a breakfast, wash the dishes, do the mopping!”

5. “Get in” 

6. “Keep scrolling” 

7. Dance practice 

BONUS: Yellow Labrador and a “Broholmer” – an old Danish breed dining at a busy restaurant


“Two dogs waiting patiently to get served in “restaurant”, and in spite of waiting, they never get anything to drink.” You will also notice that these dogs are so patient while the waitress tries to have a conversation with them.





Feature Image Via @Vetiq.com