7 Most Fashionable Dogs Of Instagram

If you were considering only to follow fashion designers on Instagram! Think Again! These seven adorable dogs are a complete swag. From sequence laced couture gowns to carrying off the chick look so perfectly, these dogs are the new fashionistas to follow.

1.  Lucy and Holly

These Jack Russell Terriers with their silver sequined lace and red sequined lace couture gowns are an absolute stunner. Oh! They have matching berets too.

2. Cheeky the Dog 

This havanese can carry off the chick look absolutely well.

3. Tasha Bell

This Manhattan Morkie was crowned ‘Ms Photogenic’, and wears some of the most exclusive clothing.

4. Suki and the City 

This fashion obsessed pug has a popular following on Instagram.

5. Chase the Toy Poodle 

We all can agree this diva can carry off the geeky look really well.

6. Little Lolla Sunshine 

Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning in this winter wear?

7. Digby and Aloysius Winkle

This Griffon is a part of the duo  – Digby and Aloysius Winkle. Hailing from New Zealand this account has a popular following on Instagram

Feature Image Via @thedogstyler.