7 Quirky Ways to Use a Regular Chapstick

Chapsticks are definitely woman’s BFF, without which they would think twice to step out of the home. Having said that, it would not be wrong to say that chapsticks have secured a permanent place in almost every female’s handbag.

A chapstick is a handy way of soothing dry lips and keeping them moisturized. And with winters around the corner, the demand for chapsticks has suddenly seen a surge. However, not many are aware that chapsticks are not just a dry lip remedy.

Here are some quirky ways to use a regular chapstick:

1.  For cracked cuticles

A cracked cuticle can be warning you of some painful times ahead. Rub some chapstick on that cuticle and head it off.

2. Soothe a minor cut

If you get a mini cut while shaving or using a paper cutter, a chapstick can offer instant relief from bleeding.

3. Mess-free dyieng of hair

Dyeing hair at home can be a little messy especially with your hair color finding ways to stain your skin on the forehead and ears. Play safe and dab a little lip balm around your hairline area and in front of ears (before dyeing) and nullify the chances of color getting on your skin.


4. To remove a stuck ring

A stuck ring can be really challenging and painful. Instead of pulling, twisting and cribbing about it, simply rub some lip balm on your finger and you will see the ring slide off your finger easily.


5. Relieve a dry nose

Apply a little lip balm on your finger and put it on the dry, irritated nose patch caused by wiping the runny nose.


6. Unjam your zipper

A stuck zipper is one of those common problems people face, especially when they are rushing to a party or office. All you need to do next is smear a petty amount of lip balm over the zipper’s teeth and find the zipper back to its sliding self.


7. Keeping shoelaces from tying

Your shoelaces love to have some fun with you and if you want them to behave, just take some lip balm and rub it on the knot.