80-Year Old Man Takes His Rescued Pets On The Sweetest Ride


Eugene Bostick is a lively 80-year old from Fort Worth, Texas. He may have officially retired over a decade ago, but embarked upon a new career path of sorts. He now devotes his time in rescuing stray dogs and taking them for rides in what just might be the coolest train in town.

Eugene says that he never planned on dedicating his golden years to helping needy pets. Instead, it was a job thrust upon him by some of the inconsiderate folks in his neighborhood.

He and his brother Corky live down on a dead end street and have a horse barn. Many locals come by and dump their dogs here, leaving them to starve. Eugene started feeding the dogs, adopting them, and finally taking them to the vet to get them spayed and neutered.

While the dogs have plenty of space to run and play on his farm, Eugene thought that it would be nice to take them on little trips to other places as well. That is what inspired the old man to build a doggy-train for his adopted pets.

One day when he was out, Eugene saw a guy on a tractor who had carts attached to pull rocks. An idea suddenly struck him that it would do for a dog train. He used plastic barrels with holes cut in them, fitted the carts with wheels and tied them together.

Once or twice in a week, he now takes the dogs out for a fun ride around the neighborhood and in the surrounding woods. These abandoned dogs have found a saviour, Eugene has give them a new lease of life.


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