The Art of Candle Carving is Absolutely Stunning

The art of candle carving is an old German craft. This art mainly focuses on highlighting the inner beauty of a candle.
The final look seems very similar to a beautiful sculpture but there are all made entirely by wax.
It is known that it takes a year for an artist to master this skill.

Initially one has to dip the surface of the candle into different colors, in order to create a combination of different color blends. Then the artist starts carving it with special tools.

Sounds quite incredible? Ain’t it?
Here are some amazing wax sculpture for you to admire:

1. The colors used in this one are so vibrant

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2. A marvelous piece of art 

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3. Isn’t this a beauty?

4. An amazing gift for New Year

5. White Swan Candle 

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Watch this incredible art work: