This Artist Shows How Optical Illusions Confuse Perspective


Robert Gonsalves is a Canadian artist whose works are recognisable for their magical realism and beautiful optical illusions. His interest in art began at an early age and when he was barely twelve, Rob demonstrated good technique and perspective.

After encountering the works of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, he turned to surrealism himself. His mind-bending illusions will twist your perception and cause you to question what in the painting is real. One image vanishes into another and comes back again, playing with our minds.

Rob injects a sense of magic into realistic scenes, and therefore the term ‘magic realism’ describes his work perfectly. His art portrays the human desire to believe in the impossible. Visit Rob’s facebook page to learn more about his incredible art.

Take a look at some of his stunning masterpieces below.


An Incredible Illusion

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Magical Realism

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It Just Gets Better

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A Dancing Waterfall!

Houses or Faces