The Best Natural Spas In The World To Relax And Unwind


When you hear of the word spa, people usually think of a salon or resort that offers the services. People fail to realize that nature has given us an unbelievable number of natural spas all over the world.

Ancient people already knew how good the thermal baths, mud pools and mineral hot springs were for the mind and body. There is nothing more gratifying than getting your pains and tensions washed away by taking a dip in these waters.

The minerals present in thermal water can have a relaxing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on your skin. They also help stimulate blood circulation and improve the stability of the skin.

Find below some of the best natural spas from around the world.



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Budapest is often referred to as the ‘Spa Capital of The World’. Lake Heviz is the largest thermal lake in Europe and is surrounded by picturesque hills. Heviz, the famous town of spas appeared on the shores of the lake and the water’s healing power was known to even the ancient Romans.


The land of glaciers, geysers and volcanoes, Iceland is home to about 250 thermal locations forming around 800 hot springs. It is a paradise for geothermal bath lovers and its famed Blue Lagoon is one of the biggest attractions.


Without a visit to a traditional ‘onsen’ your trip to Japan would be incomplete. Onsen is the Japanese term for a hot spring. This country has hundreds of hot spring dotted along its islands. Every locale and town has its share of pools.

Costa Rica

Home to around 200 volcanic formations, Costa Rica has become one of the world’s most popular hot spring destinations. Be it mud baths, thermal hot springs or mineral pools, one can find them throughout the country.


Turkey is one of the richest states in the world in terms of geothermal activity. It has around 1300 thermal springs and is a haven for spa addicts.

New Zealand

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From bubbling mineral hot springs to mud pools, New Zealand is another country with hundreds of thermal hot pools. Due to the enormous thermal activity, hot waters are located just beneath the ground in many places. If you’re in such places, all you need to do is to dig your own pool and relax.

Czech Republic

Czech is the most popular destination in the world for therapeutic thermal baths. This little country is home to more than 30 health retreat resorts with most of the spas built around mineral water sources.