Can You Imagine a Flash Mob as moving as Get-well greetings?

Amy Wagner a terminally ill mother was surprised by a flash mob a day before her 56th birthday.
56-year-old Amy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in October 2012. The situation looked brighter after several months of chemotherapy and surgery.
Sadly, in October 2013, doctors revealed that the cancer had returned and was inoperable.
Amy’s family and friends remained determined to make the most of the time they had left.
‘Being present in the moment is of the utmost importance,’ as Amy says, “dum vivimus vivamus… while we live, let us live.”’
The flash mob clearly invokes this positive spirit.
The idea of a flash mob was dreamt up by Amy’s daughter, social worker Lauren Keppel, who thought that it would emphasize to her mom just how significant she was, as the family have a great love of music.
Lauren choreographed the routine with her best friend, Christina Noellsch, who later uploaded the video to Vimeo.
The clip, which has gone viral, starts with just a handful of Amy’s closest relatives dancing in front of her
The clip begins with Amy being led out to a chair in the backyard of her home in Wheaton, near Chicago, by her daughter Lauren, her husband and Amy’s husband, Scott Hindsley.
Then the track begins and the three present begin dancing on the lawn in time with the music.
Numbers swell: Within seconds the group has grown, with people running on to the lawn from hiding spots at the side of the house
But three very quickly becomes 50, with friends and family running from hiding spots at the side of the house.
Amy’s reaction is one of joyous amazement as the troupe perform their routine.
At the end they all rush forward to give Amy a hug. Amy told Today: ‘It is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I just love them all so much. I am really, really blessed.’
The video of the performance has gone viral, with over half a million hits.

 Courtesy: Daily Mail