Colombian Artist Creates Beautiful Sculptures With Bullets


Federico Uribe is a Colombian artist who lives and works in Miami, Florida. He is known for his installation art and sculptures made out of ordinary objects.

Federico began his career as a painter, but realized that his creativity lied in molding objects to form vibrant images. He can turn computer wires, shoelaces, bullets and other bits and pieces of materials into beautiful works of art.

His artworks are laden with surprise, irony, humor and beauty. It not only signifies to the language of pop art, but has a formal reference to the history and tradition of classical art as well.

His works reveal various kinds of interpretations when observed closely, and from afar they offer volumes, forms, textures and color. Distance, proximity and perception are key factors in the interaction between his work and its viewers.

One of his latest works, “We’re At Peace” is a series of paintings and sculptures purely using bullet shells. A look at some of his amazing creations is sure to leave you spellbound.


Squirrel Made of Bullets

Golden Hare

Creativity Has No Limits

A Lion Out of Bullet Shells

I’m Running Out of Words