Colombia’s Rainbow River Proves That Nature Is The Best Artist


Cano Cristales also known as the River of Five Colors is probably the most beautiful river in the world. A unique biological wonder, it is an explosion of natural color and known as “the river that ran away from paradise.”

The river becomes colorful from July through November. During this time a unique species of plant called the macarenia clavigera turns a brilliant red. Other colors come from green algae, black rocks, blue water and yellow sand, producing a rainbow-like effect.

This river also features pools, caverns and waterfalls, making it even more sensational. Furthermore, the absence of harmful fish and other creatures in these waters means the tourists can enjoy uninterrupted bathing.

However, the journey to Cano Cristales is quite challenging. You’ll need to travel to the municipality of La Macarena, Meta. There are two ways to get there, either from Bogota or from Villavicencio. Once in La Macarena, the rest of the journey to the river has to be completed by foot or on horseback.

Get a glimpse of the mesmerising colors in the below video.