Creative DIY Project For All Galaxy Fanatics

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are still looking for a gifting option this galaxy cube lamp is one to consider.

This DIY project casts beautiful galaxy glow on all 6 faces. It is also a great decor idea for your room, living space, or as a gifting option.

So if you are an astronomy fanatic or know anyone who is one this is definitely a great gifting idea.

Materials required:

1. A 300 GSM Black Cardboard
2. A 180 GSM white watercolor pad
3. Craft knife
4. Ruler
5. Double – sided tape
6. Glue Stick
7. Super Glue Stick
8. 6 Galaxy images

The video also suggest using a low energy or LED globe for the lamp.

Once you have all your material ready, watch this tutorial by EzyCraft and learn how to make you very own galaxy lamp.

Feature Image Via Screenshot/Youtube.