Dubai’s New Luxury Villas Have Bedrooms Under The Sea


Have you ever dreamed of living in an underwater villa? If you have a few millions to spare, your dream is about to become a reality soon. Right now, a series of underwater villas are making waves in Dubai.

The villas are part of the ‘Heart of Europe’ resort opening off the coast of Dubai. Designed by European architects, the Heart of Europe is owned by real estate developer Kleindienst Group.

Called the ‘Floating Seahorses,’ these three-level luxury villas are the city’s latest lavish and futuristic developments. The master bedroom will be submerged underwater and will offer breathtaking views of the marine life.

This exclusive marine style retreat has everything you could hope for. A fully-fitted kitchen with a dining area, a first level observation balcony, hot tub, man-made reef for diving and more.

Getting to this place will be an experience in itself as it can only be accessed via yachts, helicopters or a seaplane.


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