Family On Camping Trip Has Close Call With Grizzly Bears!


A Canadian man on a camping trip with his two daughters captured video of their close encounter with a mother grizzly bear and her two cubs.

Jeff, the man behind the Gridlessness blog and YouTube channel, took his daughters on a camping trip to scout for hunting locations in northern British Columbia when they stumbled upon the mother and her cubs.

“We are no strangers to bears, black or grizzly, they come with the territory up here. We’ve had a fair number of encounters, even some that raised our blood pressure a notch, but I’ve not surprised a sow Grizz with cubs at short range till now,” Jeff wrote.

He said he and his daughters didn’t notice the bears until they were dangerously close.

“We were dragging ourselves through snow and sleet across an alpine meadow when we spotted her at only 20 yards. To our collective delight, she did not immediately spot and kill us,” Jeff wrote.

The father said they made it to a safe distance of about 40 yards before the mother bear spotted them.

“She popped her jaws as she began to circle us with a nervous lope. We were definitely not within her circle of trust,” he wrote. “As it turns out, we were also just outside of her kill-before-being-killed personal space, the importance of which should not be understated.”

Jeff said the rest of the trip was pleasantly uneventful.