Flying Electric Scooter Aces 46-minute Maiden Test Flight


Thomas Senkel, the German physicist can be credited with another remarkable invention: a flying electric scooter. He flew the Skyrider One prototype for about 46 minutes in the beautiful surroundings of the Canary Islands.

This strange looking multiple rotor helicopter has just become the first certified electric helicopter in Germany. It’s a simple two-wheel electric scooter, with an 8-hp hub motor to drive the rear wheel, and a 17-hp motor driving a large propeller at the rear.

The vehicle uses little energy and doesn’t pollute. It is also quiet enough to be used in areas that do not permit noisy engines. Skyrider One can take off on any flat terrain or airstrip. The rider needs to face into a slight headwind; crosswinds aren’t suitable.

Flying prototype aircraft can be a nerve-wracking experience. Thomas admits that he was very nervous in the beginning and at the landing. After landing, he was relieved that everything went really fine and is confident that the next flight will be a lot easier.

Designs like the Skyrider are the quickest and easiest ways to achieve flying car-like capabilities. Senkel is now looking for partners to build and market this product.

This flying scooter is truly the stuff of dreams and Senkel is one of the inventors to watch out for. Check out his maiden flight below: