Fog Waves – A Sensual Delight For Photographers


Nicholas Steinberg is a photographer residing in the San Francisco Bay area. His hunger for photography began on a journey to Mexico around the Yucatan peninsula in 2008.

He has been completely obsessed with the fog and has been shooting for the last 8 years in the San Francisco area. What sets him apart from the rest is his dedication and passion for photography. He goes above and beyond to be unique and get the perfect shot.

Nick has a small group of photographers, known as “Fogaholics,” who keep him updated all the time. He is always ready to just get up and go by regularly checking the cams, satellites, and other forecasts.

Recently in his studies of the area, Nick has made an amazing discovery. During summer the fog is created from high amounts of inland heat and gets too high to shoot. The fog is usually above 1000 feet, while the San Francisco Bridge sits at 746 feet. In addition, the coastline is pretty much unshootable, since it is coming from the Pacific Ocean.

The only option is to get on to high vantage points that offer you a good view of the landscape. One of the best is Mt. Tamalpais, which sits at 2,572 feet. From atop the mountain, you will discover that the fog creates wave-like movements as it contours the land.

It takes a lot of patience, preparation, and knowledge of the area to shoot the fog as it is very elusive. However, the chase is always worth it as the views on Mt. Tamalpais are something simply out of a dream!

Get ready to feast your eyes on some of his most breathtaking shots.


Fog Waves On Mt. Tamalpais

Fog And City Lights

Summer Fog Waves

Golden Gate Bridge Enveloped in Fog

[H/t: boredpanda]