India’s Offbeat Destinations That Are Worth Discovering


The people of today no longer prefer common holiday destinations. They like to explore lesser known places and experience the culture and ways of life by mingling with the locals.

The offbeat tourist destinations are slowly gaining popularity among the travelers and before long they could feature in your bucket list. Let’s get to know some of the breathtaking places in India that people tend to miss out on their itinerary.


Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

This hill station is a unique combination of three ecosystems: lakes, pastures and forests. Set amidst the magnificent Deodar forests, this charming hill station is popularly referred to as ‘India’s mini Switzerland’.

Lake of Chembra, Kerala

In the mesmerising jungles of the Western Ghats in Kerala, lies the beautiful district of Wayanad. Half way up the Chembra Peak you will discover a heart-shaped lake that is believed to never dry up. This charming lake draws both nature lovers and romantics.

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

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This small town in the district of Madhya Pradesh was once the capital of the mighty Bundela Rajput kings. The majestic Orchha Fort is surrounded by remarkable landmarks and is a fantastic example of Mughal architecture.

Ethipothala Falls, Andhra Pradesh

A cascade of 70 feet, this waterfall is formed by a combination of three streams that join the River Krishna eventually. The falls form a lagoon in the centre which is believed to be a breeding centre for crocodiles.

Simlipal, Odisha

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Set on a wide expanse of Sal forest, this place is famous for the Simlipal National Park and Barehipani Falls. The place is endowed with exceptional biodiversity and home to some of India’s most elusive animal species.

Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

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This is the most idyllic spot in the city of Jabalpur. A boat ride in the Narmada River on a moonlit night will give you a truly out-of-the-world experience.