Kerala Photographer Unveils India’s Beautiful Night Skies


Navaneeth Unnikrishnan is a self-taught photographer who resides in Kerala, India. The beauty and grandeur of the Milky Way from his terrace in Kerala fascinated him, and he has become obsessed with astrophotography ever since.

In the last three years he’s been travelling across India, to places with less pollution and immensely beautiful night skies. He aims to capture images that showcase the wonders of the universe from India.

He is ready to push the limits and photograph distant galaxies, clusters, nebulae, and comets with his telescope.  Navaneeth says that due to the weather and light pollution, Indian night skies are hardly photographed. The folks simply aren’t aware that the Milky Way is quite visible to the naked eye.

Magazines and websites, including National Geographic, and more showcase his works. Navaneeth is also a winner of the photography competition conducted by National Geographic Traveler India.

We all know that India is a country of diverse cultures, traditions and beauty. The discovery of the night skies will no doubt add a new chapter in its glorious history.

Navaneeth’s astrophotography in pictures:


Starry Skies Captured In Himachal Pradesh

Meteor Whizzing Past The Night Sky

Milky Way Over Key Monastery

Reflection of Our Beautiful Galaxy in Spiti Valley