Light Painting Is Truly A Spectacular Art Form


Light painting is becoming an increasingly popular art with artists around the world pushing the limits of painting with light. This form of art uses a long exposure camera along with a light source to create or enhance a photograph. The effects of light photography can be truly stunning.

This art surprisingly does not require too many equipment. With a good camera, flash light, a dark location and a nice tripod to ensure the camera sits still, you’re all set to go.

This technique involves two methods: moving a light around in the frame during a long exposure or using a controlled light source. Getting the optimal result in light painting isn’t always easy. It requires precise photographic skill, carefully choreographed performance and a wild imagination.

Check out some of the amazing shots below.


Light Painting With Glow Sticks

The Light Rings Look Amazing

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It Just Gets Better

Wow! Looks Like Spaghetti on Fire

This Is Too Awesome!

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How Do They Do This