Meet The Sheep That Thinks She Is A Dog


Meet Pet, the orphaned lamb who was raised in the Scottish Highlands by four collies, and now thinks she’s a dog. She does not think she has an identity crisis!

The collies adopted Pet when the lamb was taken in after she struggled to survive. And from a young age, the adorable sheep would follow the oldest collie around, believing she’s her mother.

One of a set of twins, she was born with a problem with her back legs and was taken into the warmth of the croft house to be looked after.

Now Pet sees herself more like a dog than a sheep. Her favourite things to do, include, going for walks, wagging her tail and napping.

Seeing Pet act just like a dog, to the point where she has been accepted as one of the pack, shows us that farm animals and domestic animals are hardly as different as we traditionally think they are. All animals are capable of love and compassion, Pet and Dice certainly prove that.

Pet's owners say they will never get rid of her because she has forged an unbreakable bond with the other dogs
Pet’s owners say they will never get rid of her because she has forged an unbreakable bond with the other dogs

We have so much to learn from the animal kingdom where different species live in peaceful coexistence.

Why does man build walls and borders and separate himself from fellow human beings based on religion, politics, caste, creed and colour? Why does one human being turn another human being’s life into hell?

A glaring example in today’s world is the torture and killing of Falun Gong practitioners who  practice a peaceful exercise and meditation practice which does not go well with the basic tenets of the Chinese government.

In most cultures, women and children are spared any kind of violent or crude torture. So also in Chinese culture there is gentle affection and kindness towards women, children and old people, the meek and infirm. Also motherhood is given due respect and pregnant women are treated with tender care. But fragile and pregnant women are soft and easy targets. They take sadistic pleasure in trying different torture methods that go beyond human decency and imagination.

In Nazi Germany Dr Mengele and his gang’s torture techniques inflicted on thousands of Jews pales before the inhuman torture methods on Falun Gong practitioners. In years to come the world will be truly horrified by what is known now to a few.