Mother’s Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Ride Fails To ‘Relax’ Her


A Chicago-area woman waiting for her husband’s surgery accepted her children’s suggestion to relax with a VR video — and the attempt backfired hilariously.

Megan Kelley posted a video to YouTube showing her mother trying out the “Rilix Coaster” virtual roller coaster video for Samsung Gear VR in the waiting room at Loyola Hospital in Maywood, Ill.

“After a month in the Intensive Care Unit, we finally got a call that our dad would be getting a double organ transplant. In the intense early morning hours prior to our dad being brought into surgery, we decided to help pass time and try to relax our mom….so we decided to put her on a rollercoaster ride,” Kelley wrote.

The video shows Kelley’s mother initially enjoying the experience.

“Holy cow, this is awesome,” she says.

The ride seems to take a turn, however, as the mother starts to flail her limbs and contort in her chair as if she was on an actual roller coaster.

Kelley and the woman’s other family members can be heard laughing loudly at the woman’s reaction to the VR video.

“I’m gonna throw up,” the mother says toward the end of her ride.