Purry Furry Godmother Saves Abandoned Baby


Animals are gifted with the unique instinct and ability to perceive situations of disaster and danger. There are numerous examples of brave animals that have played an important role in saving humans. Here is another story which proves just how wonderful our pets can be.

Masha, a friendly neighborhood cat in the Russian city of Obninsk, saved the life of a baby boy abandoned by his parents. The feline is a stray cat who is well looked after by kind-hearted neighbors. One freezing day, Masha found an abandoned baby in a cardboard box in the basement of an apartment. She quickly wrapped herself around the child to keep him warm.

The cat then began to mew loudly to alert the neighbors. Hearing her loud meows, one of the residents Irina Lavrova rushed down to the basement thinking the cat was injured. There she discovered the cat lying in a box next to the baby.

The baby was barely twelve weeks old but was in good health. He was immediately rushed to a hospital. When the paramedics came to take the child to the hospital, Masha had grown so protective of him that she tried jumping onto the ambulance.

The cat has been hailed a hero and has also been receiving extra love, affection and treats. Watch the amazing video below.