The Rare And Elusive Spirit Bear


Canada is best known for its beautiful natural landscapes and diverse flora and fauna. The ‘Kermode bear,’ also known as the spirit bear is a genetically unique animal found in this country.

Let us now learn some interesting facts about this creature.

  • The spirit bear is actually a rare subspecies of the American black bear.
  • Discovered by Francis Kermode and therefore named after him.
  • The color is due to a double recessive gene unique in the subspecies
  • Estimates state that fewer than 400 spirit bears exist today
  • It only weighs about half a pound at birth, like most black bears.
  • They can run up to 55 km an hour!
  • Males can weigh 225 kg or more while females only weigh up to a maximum of 135 kg.
  • They mostly live on fish and berries, but also eat deer, carrion, plants, fruits and insects.
  • Spirit bears are up to 30% more effective than black bears in catching fish
  • It is the official provincial mammal of British Columbia, Canada.

Mother And Cub Pose In The Wild

Bear Approaching Lava Lake

Kermode bear near Lava Lake.

Looks Like A Polar Bear But Is Not

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Relaxing In The Middle of A River