These Stunning Images of San Fransisco Covered by Fog Will Take Your Breath Away

San Fransisco based photographer Nicholas Stienberg has been taking mystifying images of Bay Area blanketed in fog waves.

Stienberg has been capturing these images for the last eight years. The most fascinating part is that none of these images are  photo-shopped. He relies on his photography skills and knowledge of weather patterns to create these marvelous visual treats.

Steinberg, goes up to Mt. Tamalpais and spends the entire morning shooting.

Take a look for yourself and you are sure to be stunned:

Isn’t this  magical?

“Close Up Of Long Exposure Fog Waves from Mt. Tamalpais”

Fog Waves enveloping the city under night lights

“Sonama Dreams”

Golden Gate Bridge

For more inspiring images, take a look at Nicholas Instagram feed.