Surfin’ Dogs Really Know How To Enjoy Themselves


There is no doubt that dogs love the beach as it gives them space to play, run around and dig in the sand. Dogs are becoming a part of the surf culture and there are surfing competitions even for them.

Dog surfing is becoming a hot trend with the owners admitting that the canines actually enjoy themselves in the water. Teaching your dog to surf is a unique way to have fun, connect with your pet and study its behaviour.

Huntington Beach in California is a place famous for its annual ‘Surf City Surf Dog’ event. Dog of all shapes and sizes take to the waves along with their owners. The dogs are judged on a variety of skills including their confidence on the board and for how long they are able to surf.

Some of the canines do need a bit of encouragement while others catch a good wave and ride the surf. The below video features the doggies having a swell time.