Tokyo Sees First November Snowfall In Over 50 Years


The citizens of Tokyo are no strangers to icy stuff but aren’t used to snow before Christmas. The Japanese capital witnessed its first snowfall in November for 54 years. Abnormal air mass brought wet snow to Tokyo, landing 40 days earlier than usual, causing travel disruptions for thousands of commuters.

The snowfall occurred on Thursday morning and out in the suburban areas even more snow was sticking. According to Government official Sakiko Nishioka, the snowfall and accumulation occurred because several elements came together at once by chance.

It is not a signal of a super cold winter or any unusual weather condition. However, the incident has not been completely clarified, and it is unknown how long the current pattern will last.

Many people were slipping or sliding on the unseasonal snow. Minor train delays during the morning commute was because of the snowfall. What about those who managed to stayed upright? Well, they got busy sharing the moments on social media.

Here are some of the beautiful photos of Tokyo in the snow:

The Streets Are Freezin

Even The Super Fast Trains Had To Slow Down

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It Keeps Getting Colder!

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Snowflakes Enhance The Park’s Beauty


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I’m Running Out Of Words To Describe This!

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Snow Covers The Great Buddha Statue