The Most Unexpected Colors of Nature Through Animals


From majestic mountains and the azure seas, to the lush green forests and vibrant flowers, and the incredible creatures on every continent, our world is awash with color and beauty.

The beauty of nature is all endearing and timeless. Both the plant and the animal kingdoms abound with bright colors. Color plays a multitude of roles in the natural world, used to entice, to camouflage, or to warn other creatures.

Sometimes, there are ‘rebellious’ animals that shun their normal color schemes, mostly due to genetics. Others may be deliberately flamboyant because it is vital for survival or finding a mate.

Here are some animals with the most unexpected colors that can be found in nature.


Pink Katydid

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Indian Bull Frog

Blue Lobster

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Purple Sea Snail

Red Slug

Pink Robin

Nicobar Pigeon

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The Black Chicken

Rainbow Cricket