Unforgettable Journeys: The Most Scenic Train Rides Across Europe


Europe has so many sights to offer and travelling by train is one of the best ways to enjoy them. You just have sit comfortably in your seat and look out of the window as beautiful scenes unfold at every turn.

If you’re travelling to Europe, below are some of the incredible rail routes that you certainly shouldn’t miss.


Hoellental Railroad, Black Forest, Germany

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Germany’s ancient forest is the stuff of fairy tales. Exploring these enchanted woods get no better than on the Black Forest Line.

Rhine Valley, Germany

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Get to see some of Germany’s most charming villages on this riverside tour. This lovely stretch is a sight to behold as vineyards sit on terraced hillsides below looming medieval castles.

Bernina Express, Switzerland

There is no better way to enjoy the views of the Swiss Alps than a ride on the Bernina Express. The extra-large panorama windows offer fantastic views of glaciers, lakes, peaks, and villages in the Alps.

Semmering Railway, Austria

One of the first great alpine railways, the Semmering is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The line was opened in 1854 and was the highest line in the world at the time.

Centovalli Railway, Switzerland and Italy

This Italy-to-Switzerland alpine route takes you through the magical “Hundred Valleys,” and rightfully deserves the name ‘Centovalli’.

Golden Pass, Switzerland

Travel on the Golden Pass and you’ll get a slice of everything Switzerland. Spend a few more bucks and you can even get a driver’s-eye view from the VIP seats in the very front of the train.

Flam Railway, Norway

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With steep mountains, lush fjords, spectacular waterfalls and snow-covered mountains, this is a journey in Norway that you’ll never forget.

Eurocity, Germany-Austria-Italy

This three-country route slices through some of the most beautiful rivers, mountains and villages in Italy, Austria and Germany.