Untouched, Unexplored or Undefeated Places In The World


All over the world, there are still places that remain unexplored and undefeated by humans. Some locations are so difficult to reach or so remote that no one has ever set foot there.

Here are some of the most incredible places in the world that are still untouched by mankind.

The Honokohau Falls, Hawaii

This extremely beautiful waterfall with its sharp ascents thick with vegetation is seen as a deterrent to even the most fearless explorers.

The Tsingy De Bemaraha, Madagascar

Also known as the ‘stone forest’ of Madagascar. These knife-like formations are a result of years of limestone erosion.

The Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia

Though a bit of salt mining takes place, the area near the volcano is totally uninhabitable.

The Tepui, Venezuela

Tepui in the native language of the area means ‘house of the Gods’. There are many structures like this in Venezuela and few have dared to climb them.

Gangkhar Puensum Mountain, Bhutan

Claimed to be the highest mountain in the world that hasn’t been climbed. No expedition has been successful due to the impassable terrain.

The Rock Islands Of Palau

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The Rock Islands of Palau still remain one of the most remote and difficult places to reach in the Pacific.

The Amazon Rainforest

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Parts of this rainforest are still impenetrable to humans. Many areas of the jungle, various species of animals and hundreds of uncontacted tribes remain unseen.

The Kerguelen Islands of France

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These islands are located in the extremes of the Indian Ocean and are a territory of France. Due to the remoteness of the place these islands are also known as ‘desolation islands’.

Boreal Forest, Canada

Canada’s boreal forest is central to the country’s natural environment, history, culture and economy. The forest is home to many rare species and a vast expanse of it is yet to be explored.