In This Village The Postman Delivers Letters By Boat


Are you looking for something more beautiful and romantic than the canals of Venice? About half an hour from Amsterdam is the tiny village of Giethoorn that looks like its straight out of a fairytale.

This paradisal village has no roads and the only way to get around is by cruising its canals or walking over its wooden arch bridges. Visitors need to leave their cars outside the village and rent a boat.

The canals aren’t the only reason why this village so alluring. Homes with thatched roofs, flowers that bloom at every turn and the absence of cars means that the sounds of nature will penetrate your ears.

The four miles of canals and thatched-roof farmhouses in this enchanting village date back to the 18th century. In order to maintain tranquillity in the village, most people travel by canoes or boats which have noiseless engines.

During winter, the canals freeze and the village becomes popular with the fans of ice-skating. Check out some the most spectacular photos of this unique village.


A Blissful Place

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Wish I Was There

Park Your Boat Not Your Car

The Venice of Holland

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Serene And Tranquil

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