Watch this Astounding act of Juggler playing the piano


Wally Eastwood has found an amazing way to play the piano. He’s a juggler, so why not use his juggling balls to play the piano?

To the amazement of his audience, he can really make this happen. He performs Beethoven’s “Für Elise” using only the rubber balls and juggling method on a Yamaha keyboard. This way, he can keep his audience in both amazement and laughter.

There are a lot of people who have picked holes in Wally Eastwood’s performance and say it is programmed and rigged. As someone commented ‘The keyboard is programmed to play those tunes in that sequence regardless what keys he hits. But it’s impressive all the same.’

Yes, Wally is a terrific performer and regales his audience with jokes. It is fun to watch him.

Another objective comment on Wally’s performance: ‘Awesome, I love how his hands just make the same motion the entire time when he does the faster bit. He just moves side to side with his legs to aim. I don’t really care if it’s really him playing the notes or it doesn’t matter where the balls land. It’s clearly a 2D piano so the bars don’t actually move. If they did, the balls would bounce erratically. It’s still fun to watch.’

Let’s see how Mr. Eastwood can skilfully bounce these balls to play a medley to his audience in this astounding performance.