The World’s Most Mystical Sand Dunes

The striking beauty of deserts transport many of us to a mystical world. A world of endless sands, camel caravans, and bright skies.

Lets explore 5 of the world’s most amazing deserts:

1. Namib Desert

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Located on the coast of South Africa this desert is said to be one of the oldest in the world, roughl about 43 million years.

2. Thar Desert 

Looking to a get a feel of the local culture, the Thar desert is a great option. This desert covers many parts of north western India and parts of Pakistan.

3. Sahara Desert 

Known as the world’s hottest deserts, this mystic land covers most of North Africa. The sand dunes here are whopping.

4. The Gobi Desert

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The largest Asian desert this is a cold desert. You might also find snow or frost during some parts of the year here. This desert covers parts of northern, north western parts of China and inner Mongolia.

5. The Atacama Desert

The world’s most driest desert, the average rainfall in this region is just 1 mm. Alot of movies have been shot here like the Quantum of Solace, Spy Kids, The Motorcycle Diaries.