The World’s Most Vibrantly Colored Birds

The world around is so vibrant and colorful, that sometimes it is hard to notice or believe that there are lovely shades of birds too around us. There are birds that come with the shades of red, blue, orange and more. Some of these feel like they just flew out of a painting.

Here are 5 most beautiful colored birds from around the world

1. Hyacinth Macaw

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The largest species of macaw, this brilliant-blue hyacinth grows to be up to 40 inches (1 m) long. They are native to southern Brazil, eastern Bolivia and northeastern Paraguay. Slowly these birds are becoming a rare sight too.

 2. Mandarin Duck 

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This colorful bird is known to be a symbol for everlasting love and a perfect marriage according to Asians. They are found largely in the Asian region.

3. Lilac-breasted Rolle

This beautiful bird has a washed green head, greenish yellow legs, and violet wings. It seems like each part of this bird is colored differently. The species ranges more or less continuously throughout eastern and southern Africa from the Red Sea coasts of Ethiopia and northwest Somalia to the Angola coast and northern South Africa.

4.  Violet-crowned Woodnymph 

Also known as the purple-crowned woodnymph, this stunning looking bird is found from Guatemala and Belize to northern Colombia and western Venezuela. The most noticeable part of this bird is it’s glittery neck.

5. Andean Cock-of-the-Rock

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This lovely bird appears in a spectacular bright orange color. Only the males have bright feathers and the distinctive head crest.